All that You Need to Know about Swedish Massage Therapy

All that You Need to Know about Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage therapy is regarded as one of the classic forms of massage. Among the many forms of massage in the world, Swedish massage is regarded as the gold standard for western massage forms. This is different from the massage techniques used in Oriental massage. Swedish massage is typically used for improving blood circulation, inducing relaxation and soothing of the tired muscles. A combination of five different movements is generally used during this massage form. It is a very effective form of massage, and typically uses slightly more force than the Oriental techniques of massage. Here is all that you need to know about Swedish massage.

5 different types of movements/ strokes
The massage typically comprises five different movements or strokes – vibration, pounding, rubbing, kneading, stroking or gliding. While it is true that these are the five different movements that are used in Swedish massage therapy, in most instances all the five types of movements are likely to be used in one massage session. This is mainly to adjust the pressure and the stroke depending on the part of the body which is being massaged. For instance, wherever the muscle density is more, the amount of pressure exerted on the portion is higher. Wherever lesser muscle coverage wraps around the bones, the amount of pressure used is less.

Typical benefits associated with Swedish massage therapy
The normal benefits associated with Swedish massage include improving the blood circulation, announcing the flow of oxygen in the blood, flushing out of toxins, elimination of stress in muscles, reduction of soreness and stiffness in muscles, ensuring that ligaments and tendons are soft; and keeping the mind and body in perfect harmony. While most of these advantages and benefits are common to other Miami massage forms, the techniques used to achieve the results differ.

The need for undressing during massage
Depending on the requirement of massage it may sometimes be necessary for you to undress. It is, therefore, necessary to check with the center about the kind of clothes that can be worn and the use of essential oils or lotions. Most massage techniques involved the use of some kind of essential oils and lotions. This is most likely to soil your clothes and hence it would be a good idea to wear the right kind of clothes. During the course of the massage, individuals will not be fully undressed, but the drifter will be removed in sections for applying the oil and for the movements.

Duration of the massage and basic rules
A typical Swedish massage will last for around one and half hour. Prior to the massage it is necessary to stay away from alcohol or heavy meals. This is a rule that needs to be followed when opting for any kind of massage. It is necessary to inform the therapist about any allergies to essential oils. A very small percentage of individuals are known to be allergic to essential oils. During the massage patrons are advised to inform the therapist about their requirements for desired outcomes. Accordingly, the therapist will use the right kind of pressure and focus on specific portions of the body.

Primary differences between Swedish massage and other massage forms
The main differences between Swedish massage and other massage forms are the use of the main differences between Swedish massage and other massage forms are the use of muscle pressure and the release of metabolic waste from the muscles. Due to the use of more pressure than other massage forms, the oxygen levels in the blood increase. In addition to the release of lactic acid and uric acid from the muscles. This is precisely why Swedish massage is known to offer benefits beyond physical stress, extending to relaxation.

Basic information about the five different techniques

  • The stroking technique is intended to relieve the tension in the muscles and deal with the knots that form in the muscles.
  • The vibration technique is used to loosen up the muscles which result in relaxation. This is often performed by the hand or heel of the masseur/masseuse.
  • The rubbing movement is used to create heat which helps to bring about a relaxation of the muscles. This is achieved by rubbing the palms of the hand vigorously before massaging the portion of the body.
  • The tapping movement is again used to relax the muscles which also has the effect of energizing the muscles.
  • The kneading technique is ideally meant for reaching deeper into the tissue and muscles. This technique involves the use of the knuckles and terms of the fingers to need the muscles firmly.

The combination of all of the above techniques helps to offer greater flexibility and complete relaxation of the muscles. By virtue of using more pressure, the enhanced oxygen supply and blood flow has documented and proven results in alleviating joints pain and stiffness. Patients with osteoarthritis and athletes prefer Swedish massage most of the time.