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Meet Gerong ( YuYu )

Originally from Tibet, YuYu brings to Shangri-La Massage Spa a vast knowledge of specialized Asian full body massage therapy.

Tui Na (“push and grasp”)is a therapeutic form of asian massage and has been used in China for more than 2,000 years, balancing and harmonious, it allows your healing energy to flow easily.

Ku Nye, Originating from the ancient sages of Tibet over 3900 years ago, it employs the wisdom of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and yogic understanding of the body’s energy to bring balance and health, treating the client’s imbalances.

YuYu’s nurturing personality and caring demeanor complements her therapeutic and relaxing, yet result driven Asian full body massage therapy. She takes great pride when her client complements her service by leaving happy, relaxed and re-booking for another Asian massage full body massage therapy with her.

“Combining my love of both Miami Massage and Asian massage therapy I am able to achieve both physical and mental balance for my clients. Bringing harmony to your aura through Asian full body massage therapy provides a relaxing yet productive experience which I am looking forward to therapy with clients at our Miami Massage Spa. I look forward to meeting you”

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Health Benefits

It relieves stress .

It manages low-back pain .

It helps in fibromyalgia pain .

health benefits

It decreases migraine frequency.

Reduce muscle tension.

Reduce anxiety .

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