Stone Massage - Part of Age Old Traditions

Stone Massage – Part of Age Old Traditions

Among the different types of massage that are offered, the hand and stone massage is popular among many individuals who seek greater relief. This is a unique blend of massage strokes supported by either hot or cold stones for maximum effect. This form of massage traces its origins to traditions in the far east, where massage was acknowledged to be a part of medicine. Considered to be a science backed form of art, massage finds mention in manuscripts and medical texts the world over. The hand and stone combination offers great therapeutic value in addition to the regular benefits of massage. Here is all that you need to know about this advanced type of massage.

The use of heated stones for greater benefits
Heated stones are used by trained masseurs and masseuses to offer greater relief to individuals. This is achieved by placing the heated basalt stones strategically to penetrate deeper into muscles that have become stiff due to combination of reasons. Traditional medicine that regarded massage as having healing value involved the use of massage strokes to release energy pathways and release tension in the body. The use of heated basalt stones is an extension of this school of thought that has proven results. Basalt stones, by virtue of having high iron content have the natural ability to retain heat. Heat retention needs to be uniform in nature for best results and basalt stones are best suited for this by releasing heat at a steady pace.

The use of cold stones for pain relief
In modern medicine cold compresses are used effectively for pain relief and to tackle inflammation/swelling. It is the same concept that is used in hand and stone massage that involves cold stones. The stones are placed strategically and over those parts of the body where pain and discomfort are experienced. This requires knowledge of not just the anatomy but of the trigger points and only trained massage therapists will be in a position to offer best results. While it may appear that pain is localized, it is possible that the pain may be as a result of other factors. Identifying the reasons and offering the right remedy requires experience and training. Opt for hand and stone massage in south Miami centers that trace their roots to Tibetan traditions are equipped to offer better results.

Effective massage therapy to offer relief from multiple issues
Individuals are unaware of the manifold benefits that massage offers. In addition to relief from stress, hand and stone massage offers effective methods for tackling back pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, muscular pain, improper blood circulation and fibromyalgia. Massage by itself is rejuvenating and soothing, offering relief from multiple issues including pain and stiffness in the joints and connective tissue. The use of stones (both heated and cold) increase the benefits of massage as the stones help to setup the right conditions for the gentle strokes and pressure that will offer relief. The warmth from the heated stones penetrate deep into the muscle and tissue releasing the discomfort from the sore joints. Similarly, the cold stones act both independently and in tandem with massage for pain relief.

Posture and modern lifestyle affect flexibility
Lifestyle and wrong posture affect flexibility of individuals. For instance the hip flexor muscles are regarded as the group of muscles that connect the upper torso with the lower. Consequently, this muscle group has a role to play in most actions of the human body. From moving your arms to bending and moving your feet, this muscle group has an important role to play. Due to wrong posture and lifestyle, individuals end up with stiff hip flexors. As a result, individuals face discomfort as a matter of routine. A lack of flexibility becomes a hindrance in all mobility and actions. With the right kind of massage, including the hand and stone massage, it is possible to free the hip flexor muscles. In other words you can regain your flexibility and freedom of movement with the right massage.

The need to choose the right massage center for best results
With many massage centers offering different kinds of massage therapy, with possibly confusing terms, it may sometimes become challenging to identify the most suitable center. A poor choice can actually have an adverse health impact. Not only will individuals fail to experience any benefits from the massage, the wrong massage, and techniques can aggravate a condition or cause discomfort. It is therefore important to choose a massage center that has trained and experienced masseurs and masseuses. Individuals who follow a particular tradition that offers the best results will be a good choice. A center that offers different types of massages to cater to different requirements will certainly be better equipped to meet your needs fully.