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What is so different about Oriental Massage?

Massages have formed part of traditions of communities all over the world. Hippocrates, regarded as one of the most important contributor to the field of medicine had also advocated the use of massage. With so many forms available all over the world, it may sometimes be hard to understand the popularity surrounding Oriental massage. Miami based centers have a reputation for drawing inspiration from this form of massage. It is regarded as different from other forms of massage in many ways and while the benefits are certainly there for all to see, it may sometimes be difficult to spot the difference in the actual massage itself. Here are some of the top differences or the distinct characteristics of oriental massage that make it a lot different.

An important component of holistic healing
Oriental massage is actually a part of holistic healing therapies that have been practiced in the east. These practices are an age old tradition and are in use till date. The very fact that the massage is a part of a holistic treatment process makes it effective as it is designed to offer intended results. The massage form draws inspiration from the sages who used a combination of massage and pressure on identified points in their body to bring in harmony to their mind and body. The ancient Orientals believed in the concept of life force and energy bodies and healing was designed around the need for striking a balance between life force, and energy pathways.  This was achieved by ensuring that the pathways were kept free and clear for the flow of energy.

The link between blockages and health
The very effective medicinal theories concluded that blockages resulted in poor health and disorders that impacted the quality of life and capability of the individual.  This was manifested physically in the form of pain and discomfort, limited mobility and health issues. This in turn led to emotional issues and tension in the individual resulting in unsettling the perfect harmony that is required between the mind and the body. A healthy body and mind is one where the balance is perfect, where the energy pathways are clear and unclogged facilitating the free flow of energy and life force. Orientals placed a lot of emphasis on meditation to achieve a state of mental bliss and peace. This state gets disturbed when the body is not at its prime best.

Developments that improved the outcomes
This forms the very foundation of Oriental massage Miami techniques and contributes to the effectiveness of sessions. Over the years, the study of the effects of the energy pathways and the need to keep it free flowing, advanced and included other improvisations that made it more effective.  This began to merge with other traditional forms of medicine and various therapeutic treatments began to be integrated with this natural medicine.  Massage as a form of treatment method slowly gained importance as newer techniques helped in offering better relief and results. The use of various oils, herbs, and stones during the sessions gained more importance with the effects being widely studied and documented.  This is easily seen in the sessions of Oriental massage, Miami based centers offer to clients.

Healing of complex conditions
Massage is a part of oriental medicine and is used for specific treatments that include weaknesses in the body, depression, and to tackle conditions as a result of poor quality of food.  Oriental medicine has relied on massage for some of the most complex treatments as well, which include conditions such as lesser libido, and flatulence. These conditions have been healed traditionally through massage that combines with the use of herbs, oils and stones. Medicated fats and treated herbs have been used very effectively to heal individuals of these conditions and it is this effectiveness that has inspired oriental massage across the globe.

Not used to heal specific conditions
Exponents of oriental massage forms do not recommend the use of massage for certain conditions and this is itself indicative of the focus of the massage.  This is primarily because the massage is based on the foundation of energy pathways and certain conditions are likely to get aggravated when the pathways are freed. The use of oils has a strong effect on the body and oriental massage techniques rely on a careful selection of oils and the actual use of oils for treating certain conditions.

It is essential to use the services of trained masseurs and masseuses when it comes to Oriental massage. Miami based centers offer highly effective sessions that are unlike regular comfort massages. These massages have a specific purpose and focus, and hence need to be handled with a high level of professionalism and expertise. The use of the right techniques is of paramount importance as can be seen from the fact that the massage is not recommended for certain conditions. A reputed South Miami massage center will ideally find out more about the specific requirement of the individual before commencing the session. The number of conditions that can be treated are impressive – pain, depression, sleep deprivation, headaches, muscular disorders, and many other common problems.