Why Sports Massage is Necessary for Athletes

Why Sports Massage is Necessary for Athletes?

Sports massage has been accepted in competitive sport as a necessity, at this is precisely why all delegations to sporting competitions have an official masseur or masseuse on the team. Sports massage is a popular choice among all disciplines of sports and has proven performance enhancing benefits. Sportspersons are known to stick to a particular schedule for sports massage sessions during training, prior to competitive events or for the purpose of recovery and rehabilitation from injury. Here is all that you need to know about sports massage and the amazing benefits of this scientifically proven massage technique.

Common techniques used in sports massage
Some of the common techniques that are used in sports massage are – tapotement also known as rhythmic striking, kneading also known as petrissage, stroking also known as effleurage, friction, compression, vibration, percussion, stretching, gliding and pressure on trigger points. Any of the above techniques may be used in isolation or in combination with other techniques for helping sports persons to enhance performance and achieve quicker recovery from injury. Rain and discomfort that is generally associated with injuries will hamper the performance of an athlete and helps to reduce the pain and discomfort, thereby helping the athlete to perform better.

Common benefits from sports massage
Sports massage can only be provided by certified specialists and therapists, who have been trained formally. This is because unlike other recreational massage forms, sports massage is related to the performance of individuals in competitive sporting arenas. It is, therefore, necessary to only rely on the services of experienced and trained therapists. The common benefits from sports massage include – greater flexibility, lesser muscle tension, reduction in muscle spasm, relax nerves, improved blood flow, purging of waste from the muscles, and shorter time for recovery during rest. In addition to this, sports massage also helps the athletes to reduce the chances of exposure to injury, due to better flexibility and improved range of motion.

The actual action of sports massage
The benefits of sports massage will be understood better when the actions preceding the massage are fully understood. Sportspersons involved in heavy physical activity are likely to experience microtraumas in the muscles. In other words, the muscle is likely to tear during physical activity and as a result, there is bound to be swelling in the muscles. This swelling in the muscles causes stiffness and impacts the flexibility of the athlete. Sports massage helps to improve the blood flow to the muscle and flushes out the waste that builds up in the muscle. As a result of a combination of these actions, the swelling in the muscles reduce, flexibility increases, and cramps in the muscle are eliminated.

What is maintenance sports massage?
Sports massage is typically given during training, before an event or for the purpose of recovery after an injury or event. However, maintenance sports massage is regarded as an important activity for athletes who are preparing for competitive sports. This involves massage therapies on a routine basis. The benefits of maintenance sports massage are the increased oxygen levels, enhanced blood flow and delivery of nutrients to the tissues. This keeps the tissues in the ideal state which improves flexibility and range of motion. This is necessary as it will help athletes to train better and fine-tune their skills in their specific sporting activity through better fitness levels.

Important precautions necessary for sports massage
While it is true that sports massage is an accepted technique for dealing with sports injuries, it is necessary to understand that this form of massage will work best only when the injury is muscle related. If the injury is related to a ligament or joints, sports massage is not advisable. Incorrect application of the massage will result in aggravated conditions and permanent damage to the individual. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the massage is never given when the nature of the injury is unknown or in doubt. Similarly, the massage is not to be used when individuals are diagnosed with certain conditions that include information related to tissue damage and varicose veins.

It is important to choose the services of qualified expert therapists for Miami massage. While it is true that certification is necessary for all forms of massage, it needs to be remembered that certification is mandatory when it comes to sports massage. The center that offers sports massage needs to have the right kind of infrastructure and trained specialists to offer the sessions. Handled properly by an expert and for the right use, sports massage will not result in any kind of side effects, other than mild discomfort due to the application of extra pressure on the muscles. However, if the therapist is untrained or if an individual opts for sports massage for wrong conditions, it is highly likely that it may result in adverse reactions or a negative impact.