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Massage Miami

Massage Miami

At Shangrila Massage Spa our therapeutic and relaxation massage sessions in Miami are steeped in timeless traditions of the east. A proven form of therapeutic massage for ultimate relief from exhaustion, our Miami massage sessions involve traditional Asian techniques of massage that have been passed down the generations for holistic well-being. Centered around the concept of bringing the body and mind to an elevated state of relaxation, every session on the table is intended to offer our patrons a journey from discomfort to bliss, a transformation to a state of relaxation and rejuvenation that rids the body of stiff and sore joints. Our masseurs and masseuses combine this ancient art with the science of essential oils and hot stones to trigger release at pressure points. And with our relaxing and invigorating Couple Massage Miami you and your partner enjoys a massage side-by-side with two therapists that work at the same time.

Patrons have enjoyed this hedonistic pursuit under the nimble, skilled and dexterous fingers and palms of our trained therapists who seek out the aching and tired joints to weave their magic of relaxation. The gliding movements and the use of natural substances combine to contribute to a feeling of exhilaration. Under the gentle movement of the oiled fingers, dull and lackluster skin regains glow with an inner radiance that is holistic. We take patrons to a state of harmony where the body and the mind are in complete bliss, in a state of balanced relaxation, a stage where consciousness is fully aware of the pure unadulterated state of relaxation. Most individuals experience this state of relaxation only when in slumber, and our therapeutic, relaxation and intimate massage Miami sessions are all designed to offer this ultimate level of relaxation when fully conscious. It is this stage that make the body experience relief from the stress of a lifestyle that is increasingly dictated by work and a lack of time.

serenity full body massage

This full body pampering massage features a range of customized Special Oil blends to effect the healing,

rococo sports massage

Massage Miami

Rococo is the 18th-century French artistic movement and style, affecting many aspects of the arts including painting,

redolence aromatic back massage

The very word Redolence represents the blissful feeling that gentle, sweet fragrances bring to our body, mind and soul.

aquastone soothing hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a therapy where we use smooth, heated stones as an extended hand and place them on the body at specific points.



This is a full body massage for each for 60 minutes. Going for evening out to a restaurant is great and is commonly done by couples.

anti stress head, neck and shoulder massage

VigorFlex is designed and aimed at relieving the stress and aches from your head,


At our massage therapy center, each massage is customized according to the client’s individual needs as well as the therapist’s own talents and training.

  • Deep Tissue Massage 60 min $99.95
  • Miami Spa Package 75 min $155.95
  • Couples Massage Miami 90 min $299.95
  • Couple Miami Spa Package 110 min $399.95
  • Aromatherapy Free Aromatherapy with all massages
  • Peppermint Scalp $15.00
  • Hot Towel Foot Treatment $15.00
  • Pain Relief Medicine $20.00


At Shangrila Massage Spa, our massage Miami sessions help patrons to be fully relieved of the soreness in the joints and muscles and maintaining homeostasis through a state of relaxation and rest. The amount of environmental toxic exposure experienced as a matter of routine mandates the need for proper relaxation and rest, which is difficult to achieve through routine actions. This can only be achieved through a proper approach that includes bio-transformation of environmental toxins and relaxation. Individuals inhale, absorb and get in touch with a whole load of toxic substances in the atmosphere. This needs to leave the body to ensure good health. A good Miami massage can help achieve homeostasis through relaxation. A good massage in Miami by us reinvigorates the skin, giving it a glow that is hard to miss. At Shangrila Massage Spa, every Massage session brings this glow to the surface and this is an indication of the well-being in the body. We help clients attain a perfect state of relaxation that contributes to overall health and well-being.

The essential oils used at our centre are of the highest quality and are intrinsic to our therapeutic, relaxing and intimate massage sessions. Our franchisees are expected to maintain quality in every single area of operation and this includes the use of essential oils and stones. From hygiene, infrastructure, interaction, professional skill, demeanor, pricing, to hospitality, every single dimension needs to be of the highest standard to meet the requirements of clients and our expectations at Shangrila Massage Spa. If your location and proposed operation can meet these benchmarked standards, get in touch with us for a detailed discussion on setting up a franchise.

shangrila massage
shangrila massage
shangrila massage

We propose to have franchisees across various locations; our effort is to avoid overlapping of territories. A list of ZIP codes for proposed franchisees are available on request. You may refer to the same before deciding on a location. Our experts will help you through the process by guiding you on the milestones for establishing a centre and the commercials involved. Our selection parameters are intended to ensure that our franchises offer services that are in no way different from our services. At the heart of our operations lies a desire to deliver elevated levels of hospitality to our clients. Our franchises are expected to share our motivation and dedication in offering services to clients. Our selection processes work towards understanding this aspect of your ability/operations following which other selection criteria will be assessed.

Get in touch with our Single Point of Contact for Franchise Enquiries today to learn about the opportunities that exist. Get ready to partner us on a successful venture that has roots steeped in timeless traditions. Achieve business goals with value driven services that fetch you patronage of satisfied clients. Make Utopia a real place in your premises for clients. Be a Shangrila Massage Spa franchisee.

Interested in becoming a part of a successful venture? Would you like to turn your premises into a sought after location offering rejuvenating, therapeutic and stress busting massages? Our journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and our centre in South Miami enjoys the patronage of a large number of visitors who make visits a matter of routine. We are in the process of offering Business Format Franchises to entities who meet our requirements. Our success stems from our uncompromising approach to offer superior services to clients, by relying on the timeless tradition of massage therapies combined with aromatherapy. The science behind the art of massage is at the very core of our offerings and this has helped us to ensure ultimate satisfaction levels among clientele. For the record, clients who have undergone sessions at our centre have always preferred to come back to us when the need arose for another session if they were in town.

Our expectations from franchisees are the same highest quality in terms of prime location, the right space, and personnel with the right attitude. Our role would include training, materials and support to help the franchise conduct operations smoothly. We prefer entities who consider therapeutic massage and relaxation massage as their first choice as a business. By virtue of being a part of the hospitality sector, therapeutic massage and relaxation massage centres require personnel to have the right kind of demeanor and interpersonal skills in handling clients. Our processes that include training of masseurs/masseuses will also include soft skills training to equip personnel to handle patrons with warmth.

Massage Miami

Prepay five Miami Massage and receive one Miami Spa Package Free. Starting at $99.95
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