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At Shangrila Massage Spa, an assortment of various specialized massage techniques offers patrons an experience that will linger in the body long after the sessions are completed. Our upscale massage Coral Gables center goes beyond the basic sensations and relief of reflexology. We have not just perfected, but mastered the science and art of massage. Steeped in tradition, empowered by the timeless wisdom of oriental traditional medicine, our massage sessions are a journey. This journey of discovery will open your senses to multiple pleasures - relief from pain, freedom from stiffness and stress, mobility and benefits of unhindered circulation will take you to levels hitherto unknown to the self. For ultimate results in massage, Miami residents prefer the services of our centers.

The gliding fingers and palms of expert masseurs and masseuses will gently and soothingly relieve your muscles and joints of soreness. The practiced and perfected techniques will melt your tensions away under the gentle, yet firm kneading and strokes of experts in massage. Coral Gables residents can now receive our expert services at our South Miami Center. Lie back and let the magic of our fingers release you from the pent up frustration that builds up in the body. Your lifestyle, your lack of exercise, wrong posture, injuries, diet, and a host of other factors contribute to an unhealthy body. Your body and mind are interdependent on each other, reflecting the status of the other. An unhealthy body reflects on your mind easily, and by extension your actions.

serenity full body massage

This full body pampering massage features a range of customized Special Oil blends to effect the healing,

rococo sports massage

Rococo is the 18th-century French artistic movement and style, affecting many aspects of the arts including painting,

redolence aromatic back massage

The very word Redolence represents the blissful feeling that gentle, sweet fragrances bring to our body, mind and soul.

aquastone soothing hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a therapy where we use smooth, heated stones as an extended hand and place them on the body at specific points.



This is a full body massage for each for 60 minutes. Going for evening out to a restaurant is great and is commonly done by couples.

anti stress head, neck and shoulder massage

VigorFlex is designed and aimed at relieving the stress and aches from your head,


At our massage therapy center, each massage is customized according to the client’s individual needs as well as the therapist’s own talents and training.

  • Full Body Massage 60 min $99.95
  • Miami Spa Package 75 min $155.95
  • Couples Massage Miami 90 min $299.95
  • Couple Miami Spa Package 110 min $399.95
  • Aromatherapy Free Aromatherapy with all massages
  • Peppermint Scalp $15.00
  • Hot Towel Foot Treatment $15.00
  • Pain Relief Medicine $20.00


A single session of massage in Coral Gables may be all that it takes to get you going. At the conclusion of sessions, patrons feel rejuvenated and raring to go, recharged and vibrant after the massage. Coral Gables residents have recounted the multiple benefits of Coral Gables massage at our center, experiencing complete freedom from stress and the strings of tension and sore joints. Let the feeling of mild intoxication power your evenings without the need for substances. Trigger a release of endorphins in your body and head home to hit your bed at the end of the day to sleep with a contentment seen only in babies.

The right massage techniques will knead away the toxins and free the energy pathways in your body to give you a complete soothing and relaxed feeling. Postures at the workplace are often responsible for great discomfort in the body. With the right kind of massage Coral Gables residents can rid their bodies of pain and discomfort and lead a more mobile and comfortable life. Sportspersons are generally accompanied on tours by professional masseurs, and this is indication of the positive effects of massage on tired and exhausted bodies. The road to recovery includes the need for gentle massage and this has been scientifically documented.

Message services provided by us includes Asian Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, Full Body Massage, Sports Massage.At Shangrila Massage Spa, our certified masseurs and masseuses are trained experts in various forms of massage.

shangrila massage
shangrila massage
shangrila massage

Coral Gables residents who avail our services, get to experience premium quality essential oils and heated/cold stones as part of therapeutic massage sessions. This has helped us to keep our reputation intact. Our patrons are increasing in numbers, with repeat sessions and new patrons. Experience unique feelings on our massage tables as we use our expertise backed by the science of massage to bring you the benefits of various massage techniques.

Coral Gables Massage

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Starting at $99.95
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