Body Massages, an alternate pain relief management therapy !

Struggling with Pain & Stress? Can Body Massage heal pain?

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Body Massages once used to be considered a luxury mostly used by film-stars, models and the rich but not so any more. Massages are now considered a “therapy” for relief of pain, stress, anxiety and an overall maintenance of healthy body and mind. Therapeutic massage is undergoing continuous research. Body Massage therapy is known to relieve pain in muscles, the back and hands, neck, knees and feet.

Adult-life in almost domains of work goes through bodily wear and tear. Though such wear and tear may not always be visible, the stress and pain are experienced. Untreated pain and stress grow worse with aging. There at least 12 different types of known massages – Popular ones being Coral Gables Massage, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Asian Massage, Aromatherapy &Sports massage. In addition, there are Thai and Oriental massages and Ayurvedic massages. Relieving pain, muscle tension and improved blood flow results from regular massages. Each different massage attends to different parts of the body and with a different pressure depending on the stress and pain.

Chronic muscle pain, joint pains and stress can also be relieved by regular massages. Massages are no more limited to maintaining a healthy body but also in medical therapies. The massages can start from “Full-body”Massage to selective parts, like hands, feet, calf-muscles or neck depending on the stress felt by the person and the relief he or she seeks.

Pain from normal work habits contribute to various muscle wear and tear. Pain is the single most cause of Americans and people worldwide seek medical attention. In most cases regular massages are the best remedy. Reports suggest that chronic pain accounts for $600 billion in annual healthcare. It is common for people to seek instant cure by consuming various pills off the counter or through prescription. However, this is certainly not the best way to treat chronic pain. Chronic pain needs a therapy and avoidance to which massages are a great solution and at the same time makes a person feel much better without any side-effects.

Compared to pills and other medicines, Body massages are the best remedy for chronic pain or pain due to some illness or heavy physical activity. Apart from muscle tissue relaxation, those with blood-flow problems should adopt massage as their regular therapy. With aging, many people face blood-flow problems, especial those with Diabetes and such ailments, they are best helped by regular massages as a therapy. Massage doesn’t have to be painful to be a therapy. One can always tell the masseur how much pressure is comfortable for his or her body and at which parts. Experts will also tell you under what conditions massages are not advisable. For instance, for patients with severe heart conditions and such ailments massages are not normally advised. The expert helps to understand you condition, trigger points that require therapy and apply the treatment accordingly.

Massages are also more than pain-relieving therapies. Regular massages make the person’s face radiate. Looking haggard and worn-out by hectic work and life-style takes a toll on the face and visibly on the arms and hands. Furthermore, being free from stress and sleeping well are other related benefits. Whatever the pain or physical conditions, there is always one massage therapy that suits a person.

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