How Swedish Massage Differs From Deep Tissue Massage?

How Swedish Massage Differs From Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage refers to the use of more pressure than regular forms of massage to relieve chronic pain. It targets the deeper layers of muscles through slow strokes applied at higher pressure on the connective tissue and muscles. Deep tissue massage is generally used to deal with stiff joints, sore muscles, and pain in the lower back. It is a very effective form of massage for improving mobility to a certain extent and aids in the recovery of sports injuries. Here is all that you need to know about deep tissue massage.

Standout benefits of deep tissue massage
Common benefits of deep tissue massage include relief from a sports injury, treatment for high blood pressure, treatment for tennis elbow, sciatica, and fibromyalgia in addition to other pain related to the lower back, neck and various parts of the body. It is interesting to note that deep tissue massage and Swedish body massage is sometimes referred to interchangeably. However, both the forms of massage are different, despite similarities in some strokes. The similarities end with few strokes, and the difference is greater in the amount of pressure used in both the forms of massage.

Primary uses of deep tissue massage and pressure used during massage
Deep tissue massage is typically used for treating pain, and sports-related muscle injuries. This differs from Swedish body massage which is generally used for relaxation and to deal with lifestyle-related muscle injuries. The amount of pressure used in deep tissue massage Miami is more than the pressure used in Swedish massage. While both forms of massage involve the use of the palms for the purpose of kneading the tissues, deep tissue massage also involves the use of elbows and forearms for applying greater pressure. Deep tissue massage is specifically aimed at working on the deeper layers of the muscle groups.

The actual massage procedure explained
Deep tissue massage involves massage of individuals who are asked to lie face down or facing upwards. Why it is not necessary for an individual to be fully undressed, the area of focus which requires the massage needs to be exposed to the masseur or masseuse. The deep tissue massage will usually begin with a light form of massage that is intended to prime the muscles for more pressure and heat. After the therapist has completed the warm-up procedure, he or she will begin focusing on the problem areas through a series of strokes and kneading movements. Different levels of pressure will be applied to the areas of focus depending on the requirement and the desired outcome. As a result of the intense pressure that is applied, it is possible that soreness and discomfort may be experienced for a few days following the massage.

Suitability of deep tissue massage
Deep tissue massage in Miami is certainly not to be used as an alternative for relaxation or recreational massage. It will result in pain and discomfort if the muscles do not require the kind of pressure that is applied with the deep tissue massage. It is intended for individuals with injury, hose grappling with chronic pain, and individuals who are involved in extreme physical activities. This massage is not suitable for individuals who are on medication for bleeding disorders or individuals undergoing chemotherapy/ radiation. Similarly, individuals who have blood clotting disorder, or those who are on prescription blood thinners are advised not to opt for deep tissue massage.

Different techniques applied during deep tissue massage
After the initial warm-up session in a deep tissue massage, the therapist is likely to use a combination of two different techniques to achieve the desired outcomes. The first is the use of stripping movements or techniques which involve the application of intense pressure in a gliding movement along the direction of the muscle fibers. This movement involves the use of forearms, elbows, thumbs, and knuckles. The second is the use of friction force which involves the application of pressure across the muscle. This technique is used for the purpose of getting the tissue fibers to realign under the pressure.

The after effects of the deep tissue massage are likely to be experienced for a few days after the massage. This will go away after the first few days. In the event that the pain remains, it is necessary to consult a specialist regarding the same.

The choice of a Miami Massage center needs to be taken after great care. This is because of the specialist nature of the therapy. Unlike a recreational massage for relaxation massage which involves messaging of the upper layers deep tissue massage, as the name suggests, involves the application of considerable pressure on the underlying connective tissue and muscles. It is, therefore, necessary to only use the services of trained and competent therapists. This will ensure that you do not end up with injuries or permanent problems.