The Effectiveness of Stone Massage Therapies

The Effectiveness of Stone Massage Therapies

The use of multiple stones of different temperatures placed strategically across the body helps to offer an extremely soothing experience. The stones of different sizes help to tackle inflammation of the muscles and help achieve complete rejuvenation. This massage therapy is more of a blend between eastern techniques and western massage forms. The hand and stone south Miami massage is regarded more as a therapeutic form of massage and lesser as recreational massage. However, individuals are also known to avail stone massage as a form of recreation. Here is all that you need to know about stone massage therapy.

The positioning of the stones
The basalt stones are positioned along the spine, behind the neck, on the hands, on the feet, and between toes. Depending on the desired outcome of the Miami Massage Therapy the stones are positioned at various points in the body. In addition to the positioning of the heated or cold stones of different temperatures, oil is used to massage the body. The stones will remain in place when the oil is massaging the body. The therapy typically concludes with stretching which will help to leverage the benefits of the relaxation induced by the stones.

Why basalt stones are used
Basalt stones are used mainly because of the therapeutic and healing energy in the stones. Composed of magnetic iron, the stones are found in coastal areas, created as a result of volcanic eruptions. The combination of oxygen and silica, along with iron and magnesium make it the best stone for retaining heat and releasing heat slowly and in a uniform manner. The stones that are placed strategically at various points of the body need to release heat at a uniform pace which will help to relieve the tension and stress from the muscles deep in the body.

It is necessary that the stones used for therapy are of particular shapes and with the right kind of smoothness on the surface. The reason behind the shape and surface is that stones of various sizes are placed in different points of the body. Hence the shape needs to be more suitable for that portion of the body.

The actual action of the stone massage therapy
The combination of the heated stones with the right pressure of massage helps to relieve pain and stiffness from joints during the Hand and Stone Massage South Miami massage sessions. The sustained release of heat helps to have a soothing effect that will relieve the pain which will, in turn, have a rejuvenating effect. The magnetic iron properties which help the basalt stones to retain heat helps in the improvement of blood circulation. This combines with the gentle pressure of massage to promote lymph drainage and blood circulation. The primary benefit is from the action of heat combining with the pressure of massage to offer total relief.

Alternative use of hot and cold stones
The alternative use of heated and cold stones helps to deliver more nutrients to each and every cell while promoting oxygen intake. When hot stones are applied to the surface, the blood vessels typically rice grows up to the surface and dilate. When the cold stones are applied, the blood vessels constrict and retake the earlier position. As a result of this alternating action of opening and closing of the blood vessels, it triggers an action that is similar to pumping, which promotes the flow of blood to the heart and lungs. Which help to rejuvenate the body and the gentle massage helps to refresh and relax the body.

Temperature difference achieved through hot and stone south Miami massage therapy
There are recommended maximum and minimum temperatures within which the stones need to be used. Heating up the stones to a temperature beyond a particular level or cooling the stones to a temperature below a specific standard is not recommended and wrong. Highly trained therapists typically ensure that the difference in temperature does not exceed 30° either way. In other words, the application of hot stone should not result in a temperature difference of more than 30 degrees, and the application of the cold stones should not result in a temperature difference of more than 30 degrees. This is necessary because the body and the blood vessels will be subjected to extremes of plus and minus temperatures through the use of the stones.

It is necessary to use the services of a trained and qualified therapist. This is important from many parameters. The first is the need for using the right kind of stones, of the right sizes and shapes. The second reason is the need for complete awareness of the exact positions where the stones need to be placed. The final reason for relying on a competent therapist is the need for heating and cooling the stones to the right temperature, and leaving them at various points of the body for the exact duration that is necessary. It is advisable to use the services of a center that has the right materials, the infrastructure, the know-how, and trained specialists.