How does a massage spa encourage relaxation ?

How does a massage spa encourage relaxation ?

As a matter of fact, the body starts producing an unhealthy buildup of hormones when it gets tired or has some stress. At this time heading to our South Miami Massage Spa is a great therapy to pamper your mind and soul. The practice of using massage therapies to boost health and wellness stemmed from the ancient history books of China, Japan, India, and Greece. There are some archaeological evidence and documentation that depicts the long history of massage therapies from ancient times. Civilization in the east and west shows clearly that massage helps the beings in dealing with their anxiety, relieves pain and even cures some diseases too. With each passing day, culture shifts turn the table for new and more effective massage therapies that gives an experience of the resurgence in modern times. So let’s discuss the evolution of massage therapies in brief:

Journey in India:
As we all know, Ayurveda is the oldest and the most trusted medical system in India. Based on prolonged studies, researches and experiments, ancient medical experts adopted the Ayurveda’s principles and practices for treating illness and any other disorders across south-east Asia. They recommend the use of human touch to create a balance between our environment and the five senses in the human body. The most widely used ayurvedic treatments are touch therapy, diet and herbalism, and sound therapy.

Journey in China:
For more than a thousand of years, massage therapy has been proven as an effective and efficient method of traditional Chinese medical care. Even studies show the earliest written records related to a South Miami Massage were discovered from the regions of China. It is considered to be the best method to encourage relaxation and energy flow throughout the body. Chinese believed that the true reason behind any disease is either deficiency of crucial elements in body or imbalance in secretion from the endocrine system (unhealthy flow of hormones). A South Miami Massage can be beneficial for proper regulation of hormones and allow the energy to flow harmoniously throughout the body.

Journey in Japan:
Japanese monks are believed to bring the massage therapies in Japan around 1000 B.C. With an increase in demands, the Japanese started the import of Chinese massage and body techniques and established a beautiful history of massage therapies. With the use of gentle pressure with thumbs, fingers, and palms Japanese practitioners put their efforts in restoring the potential energy and provide the customers with a state of relaxation.

Journey in Greece:
Athletes and philosophers developed the trend of therapeutic massage therapies in Greece around 800 B.C.E. Greek practitioners of the time used herbs and oils with body massage techniques that allow the body to heal the injuries itself. Hippocrates, a famous Greek medical practitioner, promoted the benefits of rubbing for restoring the body to a healthy state.

Today, The professional at our South Miami Massage Spa practice the traditional massage techniques to give an experience of a healthy lifestyle to consumers. After discussing the history of massage therapies in countries like China, Japan, India, and Greece let shift our focus to the different types of South Miami Massage Therapy used across the globe:

Swedish massage:
If you are new to massage, having any stress, or you are sensitive to touch, then be it any case, Swedish massage gives full justice to/with your every penny. In the duration of 60-90 minutes of massage therapy, you may luxuriate in a combination of kneading, circular moves, joint movement, and periodic vibrations. These movements help to relax your entire body. It increases the flow of oxygen in the blood and removal of toxic substances away from the body.

Couples massage:
A Miami Couples Massage in South Miami is different from the other solo modalities of massage. There are some unique facilities like access to a steam shower, hot tubes, lounging areas by fire and more as a supplement to the side-by-side spa treatments. The couple may be same-sex partners, friends, mom-daughter, relatives or anyone with whom you are comfortable to spend quality time in a massage room. It has been proven beneficial for relieving tension from the body and fill up each cell with happiness, affection, and relaxation after the message.

Full body massage:
A full body massage is one of the best massage therapies and has a lot to do with the human touch to keep the optimum level of the body working. It generally includes back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, and neck. Its duration is around 50 minutes. It helps in regeneration of tissues and improves glandular secretion. It eliminates the toxic substances and nourishes the skin for better appearance and texture.

Deep tissue massage:
Deep tissue South Miami massage includes the slow strokes for loosening muscle fibers and connective tissues. In deep tissue massage, therapists use fingertips, hands, and forearms to apply the firm pressure at specific areas. It has been proven beneficial for osteoarthritis, chronic aches, muscular pain, postural problems, upper back, neck pain and for the areas with limited mobility.

Hot stone massage:
If you have muscular pain or any stress in your mind, then the most preferred South Miami Massage Therapy is hot stone massage. It gives you complete relaxation as well as improves the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. It is the best for muscle pain and to regulate the healthy secretion of the stress hormone, cortisol. It lasts for 90 minutes during which the heated stones have placed around your body.

A reflexology massage has 30-60 minutes long session where you forget all your stress and pain. It is the best-known therapy if you are looking to restore your potential energy. Our professional South Miami Massage Therapy uses a range of pressure from gentle to firm, on different parts of your whole body like feet, hands, and ears.

Now, massages are no more treated as a means of indulgence only. People are more informed about the benefits of massage therapies for our mental, physical and emotional well being. However, if you are still not convinced with the thought that messages are the best counterpart to medicines, then below is the list of positive health benefits of massage therapies:

Encourage relaxation:
Needless to say, how stressed and busy we are in our daily lifestyle. The phobia of tight deadlines, annual examinations, business presentations lower down our energy level. We all need a break so that our mind works effectively and efficiently. Studies show traveling is the best remedy to relax your body and mind. However, it’s not an easy thing to do weekly or monthly. So, South Miami Massage Therapy is the best alternative to traveling. If you can’t travel, then you should book your appointment with our South Miami Massage Spa to relax your body. With gentle stretches and soothing human touch, massage therapy helps your body to enter the recovery phase and also triggers the relaxation mode on.

Regulate secretion of cortisol:
When you are under stress, your body weight suddenly increases, you feel sleeplessness, and in worst scenarios, you may become a victim of severe headaches. It’s all because of secretion of an unhealthy amount of cortisol in the body. It is a stress hormone that secreted from the adrenal glands, present on each kidney. When you face any stressful situation, pituitary gland commands the adrenal cortex to release cortisol in an unhealthy manner. Its oversecretion is harmful to our body. However, Massage therapies regulate the secretion of cortisol. As mentioned above, hot massage therapy is the well-suited therapy to overcome your stress and anxiety. Massage sessions trigger the flow of energy back in the body and control the positive feedback for secretion of cortisol from pituitary gland.

Improve the circulation:
Each cell of our body needs an adequate amount of oxygen for functioning and hemoglobin is a carrier of oxygen in them. The long-term benefits of having south Miami massage therapy are proper circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body. It even improves the supply of blood to damaged tissues for healing. Moreover, it boosts up the circulation of lymph. It is another fluid that carries lymphocytes and helps in the transportation of substances in the body.

Maintain the posture:
Beware desk workers, as today many young and middle-aged persons have moderate to severe posture related problems due to prolonged sitting. In 9 to 6 job profiles, it becomes quite common to have neck, back, and muscle pain. Incorrect posture while sitting and standing badly affects our body and leave us with chronic back pain and disability forever. South Miami Massage Therapy helps the muscles to regain their elasticity back by loosening the muscle fibers. As a result, it helps the body to get back its proper alignment and strengthens the upper back postural muscles.

Improve immunity:
Our immune system has the potential to heal any illness itself. It is a line of protection against any pathogen or allergy. So, with a strong immunity system, you can enjoy a healthy and disease-free life. However, our modern lifestyle is badly affecting it. Lots of junk food, no physical exercise, pollution make it weak day by day. Moreover, People under stress are more vulnerable to disease-causing agents so regular massage session can easily improve immunity. It boosts up the production of leukocytes and lymphocytes to reduces the chances of an attack from pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

Relieve pain from muscles:
Squeezing, twisting and pulling under the guidance of professional and experienced therapist in our South Miami Massage Spa helps you to relieve pain from muscles. Massage increases the blood flow in muscle fibers and nourishes them with an adequate amount of oxygen. With this, it easy to control the formation of lactic acid. This ultimately prevents muscle fatigue. It increases the muscle flexibility and elasticity that aids in the mobility of the body. Moreover, gentle pressure and soft strokes release endomorphin that gives positive feedback for serotonin and dopamine in the body. These hormones promote healing and relieve pain.

Now if you have convinced with the benefits of South Miami Massage Therapy, then a question needs to answer here before your appointment is, how many massage therapies you need?

The number of massage sessions is up to an individual and its medical conditions. If you want the massage for posture-related problems, then it needs some time to regain proper alignment of muscles. Further, if you need it merely for relaxation and soothing environment, then your first visit will be fruitful. Before choosing any therapy, it’s advisable to discuss your complete medical history with the therapist at our South Miami Massage Spa. Like any other medical treatment plan, massage therapist designs your complete schedule.

Now what are the preparations, you need to take care of before visiting our South Miami Massage Spa?
If you never get the chance before to have the massage therapy, then it is requested to have proper information about our South Miami massage therapy from a professional therapist. Now when it comes to preparation, have a hot shower or perform light stretching before the massage therapy. In fact, you should reach the center at least half an hour before and calm your body as much as you can.

Wrapping up:
Needless to say, Health is wealth, and with a countless number of benefits, South Miami massage therapy is a great way to supplement a healthy lifestyle. So, this is a time to treat yourself with 90 minutes of relaxation session in soothing environment includes soft music and gentle human touch. Get your appointment with professional south Miami massage spa and enjoy the best massage therapy at affordable rates.