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Tibetan Massage – An Ancient Art For Complete “Mind and Body” Harmony

One among the top tourist destinations worldwide, Tibet casts a spell of attraction on wanderlusts. Majestic mountains enveloped in dense, lush green, springs a pleasant surprise on visitors as valleys open out to showcase resplendent splendor that is timeless in beauty and unspoiled by pollution.  The breathtaking beauty of Tibet has largely been possible due to the simple and sustainable practices of the community.

Life in Tibet is all about leading a balanced life – where the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of life are interdependent on each other. In the midst of the lofty mountains, communities have achieved this perfection that gives them good health and a contented way of life that is free from the pressures of stressed out lives witnessed elsewhere.

Physical well-being is important and lies at the core of the community’s practices and traditions. A diet that is healthy, a lifestyle that is simple yet incredibly effective, and routines that facilitate focus on all aspects of life help to keep the Tibetans glowing with an inner radiance. Interestingly, Tibetans practice an ancient form of massage that elevates reflexology to a higher level. It transcends the regular expectations of relief, taking individuals to a serene state, where the mind and body strike a balance that is beyond the powers of expression.

An age old practice, this offers results that are quite unlike the routine massages. It is a healing practice that is passed down through the generations. Master exponents of this timeless tradition of massage use a combination of relaxing strokes and movements that are designed to open out energy channels in the body, releasing pent up frustration in the mind. Vitality and energy glide through the body at the end of massage sessions and the careful use of select medicinal oils, essential oils, heated stones, and gentle acupressure are all designed to combine and offer an experience that is truly out of this world.

Tibetan Medicine includes massage as a part of the curriculum with two chapters being devoted exclusively for massage. Known as the Medical Tantra in Tibet, the 13th and 24th chapter explains all about massage in great detail. There is substantial evidence that links massage to positive effects. Hippocrates, the Greek Physician, the father of Western Medicine has delved deeply about massage and the twin effects of massage – strengthening or relaxing of muscles. Tibetan traditions and medicine similarly emphasize on the need for massage as part of routine for better health. Tibetan and Asian traditional medicine is all about maintaining a state of good health through a routine that comprises the right diet, the right state of mind, perfect relaxation and the right stimulation.

Experts in massage are aware of the time and conditions when massage is advised and when massage is not suitable. Contrary to public perception that one can opt for a massage at any point of day, the fact is that massage is not just about the random application of pressure on the muscles to stimulate and offer relief. The right kind of massage offered by trained hands and experts is an art that is backed by the science of healing. In other words, massages are intended to heal, to maintain and to trigger the body to a state of health and recovery. Chapters in Tibetan medicine offer insights into the complexities of the ancient and traditional massage forms. Practiced properly, the massage renders benefits and relief that surpass expectations.

The Oriental way of life is all about blending with nature in a manner that offers maximum benefits while sustaining the environment. This unique combination and oneness with nature is witnessed in everyday life. And it extends to hospitality. The warmth of a host and the care of a Tibetan physician goes beyond the definition of patient-physician interactions. It is this culture and this tradition that makes Tibetan massage popular globally. Trained experts who have mastered the art of gently stimulating sore muscles, help clients on the massage table to experience complete rejuvenation after a session. At the end of sessions clients continue to remain in a state of ultimate peace, where the body and mind function in perfect harmony, where the energy pathways are energized and stimulated to an elevated state.

Globally, various practices and traditions of cultures are distinct and offer different results. Oriental cultures have been deeply rooted in ancient and time tested traditions that emphasized on the need for striking a perfect balance. Massages have remained an important dimension in these traditions. Experts in Tibetan massage bring to the table, this tradition that has never failed to reinvigorate the mind and body.  A Tibetan massage is a journey that offers individuals the benefit of ancient manuscripts and traditions that have healed and maintained the health of the community over centuries in climatic conditions that are not really the most pleasant.